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Samer Kassis

When the Soviet army went into Afghanistan in 1978, they thought it won't be more than a stroll all the way to victory. They must have overlooked the particular history of the Afghan people who have shown rare heroism in driving away conquests.

Soon enough, the Red Army was badly affected by its conflicts with the Mujahidins and had to replace their old armored vehicles. The BTR60 and BTR70 were exchanged with the BTR80 that was larger from the inside and equipped with 2 openings for ease of entry and exit of soldiers.

The Afghan land was not particularly for it for tank wars that were only used for back-up. Also, the T-62 was reinforced and the BMP1 replaced with the BMP2 as the 30-mm canon proved to be more efficient and its rate fire higher than the 73-mm of the BMP2. It received additional reinforcements and a mine-sweeper making it the most used armored vehicle in the Afghan war.

In these pages, we present some of the vehicles used by the Red Army in Afghanistan. These are currently on show in the museum of Kiev, Ukrania.

2S1 Gvozdiga



BMP 1&2








ZSU 23 Shilka

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