Elite Group

Arab-Israeli Wars
Israel's M113 2/2

Models by:
Nassim Farhat

Photoshoots by:
Samer Kassis

This vehicle is the product of Israel’s long experience in armored warfare . It carries many locally made modifications.


M113 ZELDAThe M113 "Zelda" is a troop carrier. Actually, it is an upgraded M113 with armor addition on both sides and front which provide protection against the anti tank "RPG" rockets. Later on the "Zelda" was provided with extra protection for its crew against mine explosions planted by Hezbollah guerillas.

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M113 ZELDA 2

M113 ZELDA 2The "Zelda 2" is a new concept of armor, mainly blazer armor, based on the M113 troop carrier to protect against guided anti tank missiles (Spigot, Sagger, and Milan) fired by Hezbollah guerillas in southern Lebanon.

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M113 FITTERThe M113"Fitter" is a recovery vehicle with a huge crane.

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M113 COMMAND/COMMUNICATIONThis is a modified vehicle carrying a huge base for the antenna. furthermore boxes and shelves were added on both sides. The vehicle was also provided with an external power unit for communication purposes while the vehicle is at rest,and a cable roller for the same purpose. Finally a small base to carry maps is located on the frontal backward hatch.

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