Elite Group

Arab-Israeli Wars
Israel's Fighting Vehicles 1/2

Models by:
Nassim Farhat

Photoshoots by:
Samer Kassis


NAGMASH'OT Front Profile NAGMASH'OT Rear View
The British Centurion was named "Sh'ot" by the Israelis and upgraded to meet their demands in modern warfare. However, after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the Lebanese resistance operations against them in 1984,a new version of the "Sh'ot" named "Nagmash'ot" (troop carrier), appeared in service in the Israeli army. It consisted of a turretless, well-armored vehicle with tasks to assist infantry troops in Lebanon during the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. The "Nagmash'ot" was constantly upgraded to meet challenges, and is known as the moving fortress.

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AKHZARIT Front Profile AKHZARIT Rear View
During a large Israeli operation inside Lebanon in 1993, a new fighting vehicle appeared called "Akhzarit". The Akhzarit was a troop carrier designed to carry the"Golani" infantry. It consisted of a heavily-armored and fortified turretless T-55.It includes a telescope that enable aiming and firing from inside as well as a back door for multi purposes. The "Akhzarit" has four machine guns of type "Mag" mounted on the superstructure's roof. It is interesting to note that the"Akhzarit" and "Magach 7" (based on the M48 chassis) were armored in the same way.

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